What should we pay attention to when using stone carving machine?


When we use stone engraving machine, we should understand how to operate the stone engraving machine to ensure the operation of the equipment, and to provide good services for production.

  1. The machine is strictly prohibited in thunder and lightning weather. Using the machine in the weather of thunder and lightning, it is easy to damage the circuit accessories of the machine and cause serious losses.
  2. When operating the machine, it is strictly prohibited to wear gloves, which is to prevent being involved in the rotating cutter and cause injury.
  3. When the machine is working, do not allow unaffiliated persons to approach.
  4. Non-professional maintenance personnel are forbidden to repair the machine without permission, especially the circuit part.
  5. The engraving machine body, power distribution cabinet and computer can be grounded separately to prevent electrostatic interference and electricity leakage.
  6. Workers need to clean the stone powder and dust of the machine regularly, but do not wash the relevant parts with water directly.
  7. If you need to remove or fix the Vihong card in the main case, you should first shut down the computer and then operate.
  8. The pump should be completely submerged in water to avoid damage if the water level is too low.

f the machine breaks down, contact the manufacturer first and consult the relevant after-sales service. Do not maintain it privately.