What matters should be paid attention to when choosing stone engraving machine?


We should have an understanding of the stone engraving machine, so that you can buy the right equipment and also we can use the equipment correctly when we use it ensure the operation of the equipment..

  1. Stone carving machine spindle has high power and small power points. Spindle is the core component of engraving machine. Carving stone must use high-power spindle.
  2. 2. The body of the engraving machine. At present, many manufacturers on the market will add a sealed sink to the woodworking machine surface, and sell it as a stone carving machine. This so-called light stone engraving machine is used to engraving stone problems quite a lot. First of all, the fuselage of the woodworking machine, material saving, thin steel tubes welded across the city, the legs supporting the fuselage are also relatively thin steel tubes, with less contact surface with the ground, low bearing capacity, and unstable movement.
  3. The guide rail. Engraving machine guide rail and square rail, the price difference is quite large. It is not necessary to use square rails to carve stone, but considering the speed, stability, fineness, and service life of square rails are very good. However, the current mainstream square rail is made in Taiwan, and the quality of the mainland square rail still needs to be improved.
  4. The oiler must be necessary, which is of great help to the maintenance of the guide rail. Table profile must be thick, otherwise the table is too thin and easy to deform. If the surface is uneven, it has a great impact on the carving.