The function of stone carving machine and water tank


We should understand the stone engraving machine, so that we can use the equipment correctly when we use it ensure the operation of the equipment. So how does the water tank of the stone engraving machine work?

First, when processing the spindle motor and cutting tool need to add water. Because the stone material is made of hard material, the water-cooled knife head should be used when working, which is also to add the role of the sink.

Two, water cooling spindle is to prevent the spindle temperature is too high, has a protective effect on the spindle. However, if the customer does not pay attention or do not follow the correct steps, the phenomenon of dry water heating will appear, which will cause serious damage to the machine itself. So at this point, the operators are required to pay attention to this when they are operating. And the training personnel should also make this point clear to the operator.