stone engraving machine common questions and solutions


In the process of using stone engraving machine, there will certainly be some problems. Let’s have a look at some of the problems that maybe occur.

A, the stone carving machine does not return to the working origin point after finishing the processing.

  1. Whether the limit switch is damaged
  2. Whether Vihong card is damaged
  3. Whether the parameters in DSP handle are correct
  4. Check the drawing files.
  5. After the engraving is finished, press the F7 key and confirm key to see if it can return to the origin.

B, the spindle cannot reach the specified speed.

  1. Check whether the connection between the frequency converter and the terminal board is correct.
  2. Readjust the internal parameters of the frequency converter.
  3. The connection board of the data line of the card is damaged, and the parameters in the DSP handle are incorrect.

C, the jitter in the work

  1. Adjust the parallelism of machine tool, check whether slider, motor belt, and coupling is loose or damaged
  2. Adjust the tightness of three-point concentricity of bearings of each shaft of the machine tool.
  3. The "model" in the machine setting does not match the actual model.

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