Standard operation guide for stone engraving machine


When we use woodworking engraving machine, we need to pay attention to the use of engraving machine. We should understand the stone engraving machine, so that we can use the equipment correctly when we use it ensure the operation of the equipment.

  1. Before the operator starts the machine, it is necessary to check whether the lubrication and protective devices of each part of the machine meet the relevant requirements.
  2. The operator should choose the cutting tool and fixture reasonably. When clamping precision workpiece or thin and soft workpiece, it is necessary to ensure that the clamping is firm and reliable. It cannot be clamped or knocked by force, but it can be gently knocked by wooden hammer or cushion.
  3. During operation, observe whether the workpiece is loose on the machine at any time. If we find loose in the process of use, we should stop it in time to prevent hurting people. When observing the workpiece in operation, the position should be appropriate.
  4. Do not randomly carry out irrelevant activities while the operator is operating. Do not pass items over the moving parts of the machine.
  5. Follow the process instructions. Operators should not arbitrarily modify the setting parameters and operating procedures of the manufacturer in the numerical control system.
  6. After the operation, please clean the machine, clean the working area and disconnect the power supply.