Specification for operation of woodworking engraving machines


How to operate woodworking engraving machine

When we operate the woodworking engraving machine, we need to operate it correctly. Because this is not only the operation of the equipment, but also related to the safety of the operator. This is necessary for operators and mechanical equipment to understand that how to operate engraving machine correctly.

1. If there is a fault in the operation of woodworking engraving machine, it is necessary to cut off the power first, and then carry out maintenance. Do not operate the equipment when it is running, which is highly likely to cause damage to the operator.

2. In the process of engraving, do not wear gloves to clean the engraving debris or touch the engraving spindle

3.When loading and unloading the carving plate, it is necessary to unload the carving cutter first to avoid the sharp cutter causing damage to the operator

4. Do not arbitrarily move the electrical appliances and circuits in the distribution cabinet, so as to avoid electric shock or failure. If there is a problem with the distribution cabinet and control system, it should be solved by the manufacture.

5, engraving machine operation seems to be simple, but there are also a lot of need to pay attention to the operational requirements and specifications in this area encounter any problems, you can come to Jinan Mingshi machinery for consultation.

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