Notes for choosing stone engraving machine


We know that the application scope of stone engraving machine is wide, so it is necessary to choose their own stone engraving machine. So what should we pay attention to in the purchase of stone engraving machine? Let's take a look

  1. Power of engraving machine

Because of the hardness of the stone, the stone engraving machine needs to be equipped with a spindle motor larger than the advertising engraving machine and woodworking engraving machine, which can be suitable for high strength work.

  1. Strong machine base

Because the material of stone carving is heavy, the engraving machine is required to have a good bearing capacity. Our latest stone engraving machine adopts the beam directly mounted on both sides of the fuselage design and double mesa, which can make the machine non-shaking, high stability, and low carving reject rate, thus improving the efficiency of carving.

Stone engraving process will produce high temperature and a lot of dust, so the stone engraving machine should have good cooling function and dustproof function.

  1. Lead screw and guide rail are an important part of tombstone engraving machine. Good lead screw and guide rail can ensure that the accuracy and performance of the engraving machine will not be affected in long-term use
  2. Using before Buying

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