Metal CNC router machine knife tool maintenance instructions


Knife Tool maintenance and sharpening is also an important part of maintenance.  After using the props, however, follow the maintenance instructions for the knife tools.  This maintenance is necessary.  If they are to be used for a period of time, they should be trimmed or oiled (to protect them from moisture and rust).  Please keep them in the tool box or tool bag for later use.  The knife of a metal CNC router machine is like a man's hand.  If you don't care about him, he won't do well.  This is the way to maintain the knife tool. 

  1. The jacket should be the right size.  When choosing a coat, don't choose one that is worn.  Otherwise, shaking the handle will not achieve the desired carving effect.  The contact between coat and calves should be slow.  The handle should be firmly inserted into the coat and should be tightened.  If the jacket has been used for too long, the sleeve must be replaced immediately.  This is also convenient for later use.
  2. 2. The toughness of cutting tools must be checked frequently.  If the knives are too dull, workers must replace them promptly.  Because when the knife is blunt, it is not only difficult to scratch, but also will break the knife, which will affect the effect of use.  When using metal CNC router machine, we should pay attention to the processing range of mechanical equipment.  The thickness of the machine should not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge, otherwise the knife will be broken.  For different materials, also want to choose different cutting speed.  The cutting speed of the machine should be balanced and consistent to obtain better results on the product.  The cutting process can not stop, this is also to be able to achieve better results.  

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