Matters needing attention when using stone engraving machine


We should have an understanding of the stone engraving machine, so that you can buy the right equipment and also, we can use the equipment correctly when we use it ensure the operation of the equipment.

  1. Theoretical basis. The training needs to start from the theoretical training, theoretical trainers are very necessary. After the theory is passed, we can practice well when we carry out practical operation. The combination of theory and practice is the best guarantee
  2. Use stone engraving machine tools. After theoretical training, the use of the tool needs to be introduced, the staff need to understand common tools, engraving motor speed, driving speed, matters needing attention, and the staff need to be familiar with the use of tools
  3. Scope of application of stone. The staff needs to be familiar with the range of applications of various materials, familiar with different materials, different thicknesses and different finished sizes, familiar with different engraving methods of different materials

4. Various office software for stone carving machine. After the above training, the software training will be conducted. The software training will focus on the area of user applications. The requirements of the software are: various types of software, path generation and the ability to quickly detect path errors.