How to use woodworking engraving machine


When we use woodworking engraving machine, we should understand how to operate the woodworking engraving machine to ensure the operation of the equipment, and to provide good services for production.

1, according to their own needs to set the layout, and adjust the text height, size, line spacing, and other relevant parameters of the engraving machine. At this time, for convenience, the same content can be copied directly to improve efficiency. When setting the path of the knife, the tool needs to be selected according to the size of the font, and the depth of the text with a difference should also go to different depths of the path.

2. The operator stores the carved path set. For different carving depth should be saved separately. Different engraving depths selected for the tool are necessarily different and must be stored as files for both paths.

3. Open the motion management system and install the previously saved engraving path, then replace the same tool as the engraving path. The operator needs to move the engraving head to the origin position of the material for cutting. Finally, lift the spindle, the operator moves the gate to the appropriate position.

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