How to Store CNC Router?

How to Store CNC Router?
How to Store CNC Router?
Remember these 7 points!
To improve the production efficiency and Service Life of the CNC router
The maintenance must be done well.
1, The Daily Maintenance of Rack Guide Rail
One, The daily maintenance of rack guide railBecause it is easy to get dust on rack guide rail during useit must be cleaned up after use, Otherwise, the machining accuracy will be affected
2; Use And Maintenance of Oil Kettle
Two, Use And Maintenance of Oil KettleThe oil kettle is used to supply oil to the guide railOpen the cover and refer to the upper line and the lower Line. Don't add too much.
3, Oil-water Separator and Oil Mist Generator
Three, Oil water separator and oil mist generatorat the back of the machine, under the acrylic coverthere are oil-water separator and oil mist device, Which will automatically release water when the air pressure exceeds 6Before using the machineObserve whether there is oil in the oil mist deviceIts function is to help the cylinder lubricateand prevent the cylinder from getting water and rustingif notplease add it In time to avoid damaging the cylinder
4, Maintenance of the Vacuum Tee
Four, Maintenance of the Vacuum TeeAfter work, we have to open the cover regularlyand manually clean up Large pieces of fibers to prevent blockage
5, Spindle Maintenance 1
Five, spindle maintenance one
When we don't use itWe should take off the tool handle on the spindleBecause the long-term tightening state will affect the internal elasticity of the spindle, which may lead to damage to the spindleWhen used, it is installed that is a good protection measure for the spindle
6, Spindle Maintenance 2
Six, spindle maintenance two
In the process of useThe handle will be covered with dustWhich must be cleaned upIn the process of automatic tool change of the spindleThe dust will be prevented from entering the spindle

7, Maintenance of Circuit Box
Seven, maintenance of circuit boxIn About a month's time, use a hair dryer or air gunIn the case of power failureA small wind blows clean from bottom to top at a timeRegular cleaning can prevent the circuit board from being damaged.

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