How to heat the stone carving machine


When we operate the stone engraving machine, we should master the operation of the stone engraving machine skillfully, which will correct the operation and reduce the mistakes in the operation. For example, when the stone carving opportunity to high temperature, we have to carry on the heat dissipation. At this time, we need to master the method of heat dissipation in advance

The heat dissipation of stone carving machine is very important. Passive heat dissipation and air cooling are commonly used. For low-power machines, passive heat dissipation can be used to solve the problem: using the temperature difference between the environment and the equipment and natural cooling, which is relatively simple and cost is very low.

Air cooling is very extensive. Air cooled cooling uses a fan to blow away heat, thus achieving rapid cooling. But air cooling also has many disadvantages, such as the noise of long hours of work. And easy to accumulate dust, resulting in heat dissipation effect gradually worse.