How to deal with the noise of stone carving machine?


Equipment in the process of use will more or less appear some failures, this time we should be timely to solve. Otherwise, it will do great harm to the equipment.

tone engraving machine generally uses a stepping motor, which each step has a pause, there is noise is normal. Under the fixed frequency, the stone engraving machine will also produce body resonance and emit noise. This kind of noise will not affect the normal operation of the machine.

The noise affecting and harmful to the stone engraving machine is mainly manifested in the following two categories:

  1. When the motor of stone carving machine spindle runs, it makes abnormal noise.

This proves that the quality problem of the spindle bearing of the stone engraving machine, or the spindle bearing has been broken. At this time, it can be considered to replace.

  1. The machine produces abnormal sound when the stone carving machine walks axially

At this time, the X axis of the stone engraving machine is likely to have a problem. May be axial motor bearing damage or X axial guide lack of lubricating oil, too dirty, too tight, rolling beads wear, ball drop, etc.

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