How to choose jade carving machine


We should have an understanding of the stone engraving machine, so that you can buy the right equipment and also we can use the equipment correctly when we use it ensure the operation of the equipment..

1, the size of the relief engraving machine should be appropriate

Customers should choose the engraving machine according to the needs of the business and the actual situation, and choose their own ideal jade engraving machine model.

2, the accuracy of jade engraving machine

Small format machine engraving machine can engrave 1mm Chinese characters, or large-format engraving machine can engrave 1.5mm small characters, even under a magnifying glass can be seen very clearly.

3, pay attention to the spindle motor of the jade engraving machine

Spindle motor is an important component of computer engraving machine, which has a vital influence on the performance of computer engraving machine.

4, pay attention to the guide rail

Large surface engraving machine must use the broadened imported square guide rail - the load capacity and precision keeping ability is more than 30 times of the circular guide rail, which ensures the high quality and high speed of the jade engraving machine.