How to buy stone carving machine?


We should have an understanding of the stone engraving machine, so that you can buy the right equipment and also we can use the equipment correctly when we use it ensure the operation of the equipment.

1, please buyer pay attention to the characteristics of stone engraving machine, because spindle power is large, low power. Some stone engraving machine is only suitable for small power processing, if the spindle power is too small, it will affect the scope of its application.

2. We need to understand the performance and function of the spindle of the stone engraving machine, because the spindle motor is generally not within the scope of warranty. If there is a failure, it will affect the use of the machinery.

3. The buyer needs to adjust the speed of the spindle. If the speed can not be flexibly applied, then it shows that the scope of application of stone engraving machine is limited.

4, stone carving body manufacturing technology. The body of the high-power engraving machine must be precise and stable when the work requires, so the body should be cast and engraving to ensure its accuracy and stability.

5, ball screw and guide rail is also an important part of the stone engraving machine. Good screws and guide rails are important conditions to ensure the accuracy, performance and durability of the engraving machine.