How to avoid the trap of mask machine purchase


There are three stages in the production of the mask machine. One is the production of spare parts. Second, assembly; Third, machine debugging. At present, the first two items, most of the mask manufacturers do not have a problem, but in most of the factories because of the lack of experienced engineers, so restricted the production capacity of the mask machine.

Buy a mask machine need to see a few more, do not worry to choose. Because you may overlook a lot of important things in the mask machine due to lack of experience. Also may because the manufacturer of mask machine sold too many and caused by the after-sales service cannot keep up. When purchasing a mask, please refer to the following points:

  1. Choose automation factories and those with shipping experience, which requires the buyer to personally conduct field investigation. Due to the increased demand, a large number of companies originally doing machining and electronic parts began to follow the trend of making mask machines, but their equipment is still a little low level. So this time there will be a phenomenon of fish in troubled waters. This needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a mask machine. We suggest that buyers should take the raw materials with them for inspection. And a mask machine that can operate normally for at least a day will be more reliable.
  2. If you can buy second-hand equipment, use old equipment first. If you can buy a semi-automatic, buy a semi-automatic first.
  3. Masks should meet the standards of relevant countries and meet the requirements for sale

For enterprises that have no experience in the production of mask machines, the masks produced may be substandard. It is also possible that the unreasonable production process of the experienced company leads to the error of the machine, so the rejection rate of the mask will be relatively high. Therefore, when choosing the mask machine, we should choose to comply with the relevant regulations. Therefore, our company suggests that we should not be affected by the low price of the mask machine or other factors. We must carefully identify the good mask machine before placing an order

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