Common faults of stone engraving machine


We should have an understanding of the stone engraving machine, so that you can buy the right equipment and also we can use the equipment correctly when we use it ensure the operation of the equipment..

First, failure alarm

The overrun alarm indicates that the machine has reached the terminal position during operation. Please follow the following steps to check step by step:

1. Whether the size of the designed graph is beyond the processing range.

2. Check whether the connecting wire between the motor shaft and the lead screw is loose. If so, please tighten the screw.

3. Whether the machine and the computer are properly grounded.

4. Whether the current placer value exceeds the range of soft limit value.

Second, non- failure alarm

1, the computer is running, the machine is not moving. When this happens, please check whether the connection head between the computer control card and the electrical box is loose. If it is, it is necessary to solve it in a timely manner and fix it

2. The machine cannot find the signal when returning to the mechanical origin. It may be that the proximity switch at the mechanical origin is out of order.

Third, failure of output

1. No output. Please check whether the computer and the control box are connected properly.

2. Open the engraving manager Settings to see if the space is full, and delete unused files in the manager.

3, check whether the signal wiring is loose, check whether the link of each line is normal.