CNC Router company reminds you, how to solve the problem


When using the CNC router machine, it is inevitable that there will be some problems, so at this time if the technical personnel understand some knowledge of this aspect, they can calmly deal with the problems when they encounter them.  So the following mingshi machinery company as CNC router machine manufacturers to share experience for you.

1. Treatment of the dressing knife  

When the cutter is stuck, press the "emergency stop switch" button on the engraving machine immediately to stop the current work.  Check whether the workpiece is damaged, and then run in the spindle for about 2 hours according to the spindle running-in procedure. 

2. Disposal of tool breakage

The occurrence of this situation is generally due to the quality of the tool is not qualified.  Due to the low hardness of cutting and milling materials, or too fast feed rate, it is very easy to cause the tool short.  When the tool is broken, the cutting should be stopped immediately, and the serial number of the current machining path should be recorded, and the tool should be replaced.  Finally, find the position before the breaking point of the cutter, continue processing according to the initial serial number, which can restore the normal processing state.

In case of interference, please press the "emergency stop switch" button on the engraving machine immediately and terminate the current processing.  Check to see if the workpiece can be repaired, and then re-clamp the tool and proceed.  In general, the programming process list will be given to extend the length of the tool.  Interference can be avoided by simply selecting and clamping the tool as required.  Therefore, engraving machine manufacturers remind users, we should pay attention to the depth of the processing size to choose the right tool.  In this way, you can avoid situations that interfere with your work.  

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